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Car Rental Abu Dhabi Downtown

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Driving in Abu Dhabi

Drivers in Abu Dhabi have the reputation of being reckless drivers so when you rent a car in Abu Dhabi please make sure that you take the best insurance. It is not uncommon to see cars change lanes at random pull out in front of other cars or trigger radar/speed cameras. If you rent/own a car in Abu Dhabi be extremely careful especially at night. Tests for alcohol can be administered and even the blood-alcohol level rise from a glass of wine will be sufficient grounds for one month’s incarceration the rules are very tight in Abu Dahbi and just because you have organised car rental Abu Dhabi you are beyound the law.

If you do decide to take the plunge, beware that the street numbering system is unusual. It can take 30-45 days to get used to it. U-turns are allowed at almost every intersection. When the left lane signal turns green you simply have to swing a U-turn and come back.

Whatever other flaws drivers here may have they do not run red lights. There are cameras at many intersections fines are high (about AED500) and residents who are not citizens can be deported for running too many red lights and just becasue you are in a rental vehicle does not mean they will not catch you. When the light turns yellow that taxi in front of you will jam on the brakes and you should too. When the light turns green however expect someone behind you to honk at you immediately to get you moving. Traffic lights will flash green before turning to yellow. Despite excellent roads and a traffic signal system, vehicle accidents do happeb. This remains as the largest cause of deaths in the UAE.

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