Right Cars Will Start Serving Customers at San Diego International Airport by Early 2018

Car Rental San Diego International Airport

Right Cars Vehicle Rental Ltd is opening a new office in early 2018. The location is at the San Diego International Airport. This will help with the company’s expansion into the US market. The main goal behind this decision is to create a friendly and easily accessible customer service right in the middle of San Diego.

The airport in San Diego is one of the busiest in the country. The number of passengers has been steadily increasing for decades, reaching a total of 20 million for 2015 alone. As a popular tourist destination, San Diego receives a lot of foreign visitors as well. All this makes the international airport an attractive spot for car rental companies.

Because of the general need when it comes to such services, a new and improved center was build in the area, and this is where Right Cars plan on making an entrance.

The New Car Rental Center

The San Diego Rental Car Center is a very impressive building. Both its size and functionality are something to behold. The construction finished on Jan. 20, 2016, and since then the center has been operating 24/7.

The area covers two-million-square-feet. This allows for the placement of a large customer service office and the opportunity to fuel and wash cars. The different services are all accessible within the building.

The facility has received an award for Excellence in Building and Construction, and it is also LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified. What this means is that the building is very efficient when it comes to energy consumption. It supports recycling and contains bioswale water filters.

But efficiency and comfort are not the only things the rental car center has to offer. The facility also has unique digital art. The building underwent a rapid transformation during 2017 and the results were astonishing. The new installation is called “Dazzle,” and it consists of more than 2000 electronic paper panels. The inspiring art and its decorations make the center all the more desirable.

The art is admired by clients and pedestrians alike. Thanks to it, the car rental center received a huge boost in popularity. Not only that, but all the associated businesses are flourishing.

Though the building can support as much as 19 different companies, as of 2017, there are only 14 active ones. However, this will change as Right Cars Vehicle Rental Ltd will be the next brand to join.

This will present a great opportunity for future cooperation and will surely benefit all the potential customers. The goals are to provide clients with as many different options as possible and an easy and quick way to rent a car. More information will become available as time passes.

Right Cars Vehicle Rental Ltd will hold an official press release about the opening of the new office in early 2018. For more details about car rental franchise opportunities please email our office

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