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Car Rental Miami International Airport

Right Cars Vehicle Rental Ltd currently has three branches in Florida. Their locations are in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. All of them are functioning successfully, and there are plans on expanding to different locations within the region. However, this article aims to shed some light specifically on the branch in Miami. What makes this place so special?

The Miami International Airport

The airport lies in an important central location, just north of the Blue Lagoon and south of Miami Springs. The distance to the ocean is slightly below six miles. Visitors can easily access all other neighborhoods, parks, beaches, and Downtown Miami.

The airport itself is very busy with it reaching just over 44 million passengers in 2015 and another 44.5 in 2016. It “connects” the USA with Central and South America. Many flights are international, with passengers coming directly from cities such as Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris, London, Mexico City, Rio, Sao Paulo and many more.

Since 2017, many people concider the airport as the most transit-accessible in the country. A research conducted by TransitScreen shows that there are well-established connections between the airport and the rest of the city. Passengers are able to quickly and easily travel throughout the different neighborhoods.

The Miami Car Rental Center

With Miami being a popular tourist destination, as well as the business center of the region, the need for many people to rent a car is as big as ever. To make it easier for everyone, the local authorities constructed a new car rental center in July 2010. The facility lies next to the Miami Central station and in proximity to the Malreese gold course.

The MIA Rental Car Center, also known as RCC, is very efficient when it comes to assisting its customers. Its precise location allows for international passengers and locals to rent a car easily.

It is also important to mention that the building very large and can serve as much as 17,000 clients every day. One of its key elements is the multi-level fueling system. Being the first of its kind in the country, it can allow for the washing and refueling of 300 different vehicles per hour.

There are 14 car rental companies stationed within the RCC and another 12 are in close proximity to it. Combined, they offer thousands of cars for rental.

Right Cars Miami International Airport

With the airport being one of the busiest in the USA, this is the perfect place for passengers who want to rent a car. Choosing the best company is very important, and this is where Right Cars Vehicle Rental Ltd comes in.

Offering great services, a huge selection of vehicles, and the best possible prices, Right Cars is perfect for both international tourists and locals alike.

Right Cars allows its customers to fully enjoy the beauty and wonders of Miami.

Do note that rented vehicles within Florida cannot be taken outside the state of Florida.

The office address is 4005 North West 28th street, 33142, Miami.

For more contacts: +17864203842.

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