Port-au-Prince, Haiti as a travel destination: a closer look


Our newest branch location will soon open in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It is a part of our expansion program. We are happy to open the new office on July 01 of this year, at Toussaint Louverture International Airport. You can read more about it in the newsroom.

Port-au-Prince as a travel destination

Port-au-Prince is the capital and largest city of Haiti, with a population of nearly one million. The metropolitan area includes some nearby town and the total number of people rises to more than 2.6 million.

There is so much to do here. You can just go sightseeing for a walk, or relax on the beach. However, if you want to visit some famous attractions, there are quite a few places to go to.

The National Museum might be interesting – it hosts many exhibits about the struggle for independence and the unique culture of Haiti.

Etang Saumatre – you can go a bit to the east and visit the largest lake in the country. Its nature is very beautiful and well preserved.

The National Museum of Art – you can find all sorts of rare pieces of art from the entire world. Enjoy the different styles.

There are many cathedrals, house-museums, and gambling facilities. Wherever you go, you will never experience boredom. Port-au-Prince is a truly amazing city, and all tourists are welcome to visit it.

Toussaint Louverture International Airport

It is the main airport of Haiti and helps connect the country with the rest of the world. Every year, the number of passengers increases with 2015 reaching 1.5 million. Until 2020, that number might become 2 million.

In recent years, there have been a number of repairs which have made the airport so much easier to navigate through. All you need now is an amazing rental car and you will be able to begin your amazing trip.

Car Rental in Haiti, by Right Cars

Right Cars Vehicle Rental Ltd is an amazing company which offers car rental services around the world. Haiti is the next country on our long list of locations. Port-au-Prince will be the first step on a long trip. In time, we will open many more offices across beautiful Haiti.

Just like anywhere else, we promise to bring you the very best of our abilities. Drive around the tropical paradise of Haiti and experience its wonders. You can always count on us!

Check our website to learn more about the different branch locations we have active.

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