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Right Cars Vehicle Rentals implement new cleaning procedures amid further outbreaks of the coronavirus

Right Cars Vehicle Rental implement new cleaning
procedures amid further outbreaks of the coronavirus

With the spread of the Coronavirus,
car rental company Right Cars Vehicle Rental has implemented additional vehicle cleaning procedures
to reduce the possibility of infection to its customers and staff

Mr Little, Co-founder and Company Chairman
made the following statement

"I am sure we are all watching the
rapid spread of the outbreak and personally I am sure we are all listening to
the doctors advice to ensure we wash our hands regularly and that we should try
and not touch our face.  Apparently, we
are supposed to sing happy birthday and to keep washing our hands for the duration
to ensure we have washed our hands sufficiently.

Today we have sent an immediate priority
procedures update to all branches of Right Cars Vehicle Rental informing al branch managers to
ensure that staff wash their hands or at least use an anti bacterial gel at
the very least as doctors have reported that anti bacterial gel is not as efficient
as washing your hands correctly.

We have also insisted that vehicles are fully wiped down with
odourless disinfectant this sill include al of the interior controls, door
handles and general seating area. Whilst we appreciate this may delay the customer
departure by a few minutes, we feel confident that our customers will appreciate
we are trying to limit the chance of infection.

The new procedures are now in affect at al branches of Right Cars Vehicle Rental ".....





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