Manila as a travel destination

Manila, the capital of the Philippines

As one of the largest cities in Southeastern Asia, Manila plays an important economic role. The city is also the cultural center of the Philippines. The entire country is largely dependent on its capital.

The city has around 1.8 million citizens as of 2016. Because of the rapid urbanization and development, Manila is experiencing an economic boom. The town center resembles the American cities; with skyscrapers spreading far and wide. All this makes it very attractive to foreigners.

Manila is also the home to many festivals. Examples are Feast of the Black Nazarene, the Chinese New Year, the Smbalilo Festival, Aliwan Fiesta, the Manila Music Festival, the Kalesa Festival and many, many more.

Why tourists love Manila?

The Manila Cathedral

The Philippines are a very popular tourist destination. Thanks to the warm tropical climate, the travel industry is active all-year-round. The central islands like Bohol, Cebu, and Panay receive a lot of international attention. But there is just one thing to note here. Tourists will often have to pass through the International Airport in Manila, if they want to visit those travel destinations.

Whether they come for a full vacation or just passing by for a day, travelers can experience the beauty and charisma of Manila. Even if you are going to stay for a little while, there are a few attractions every visitor must see.

The Manila Ocean Park is an impressive structure. It consists of a series of underwater tunnels. They allow visitors to observe different species of marine life from close range. Be sure to check out the penguin park facility.

One other famous attraction is the National Museum of the Philippines. It was built more than a century ago and hosts many different exhibits. The museum acts as the country’s educational, cultural, and scientific institution.

Make sure to visit Star City. It is a large amusement park in Manila. Every year, more than 1.5 million people visit it and enjoy the different rides and attractions. Star City is perfect for families with children and anyone who wants to have fun and relax.

The Manila Zoo is a good choice when deciding to go sightseeing. Its wildlife is rich, and some species are unique to the region. Visit and admire the Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, and Malayan civets.

Car Rental in Manila

Right Cars Vehicle Rental Ltd joined the car rental industry in the Philippines in late 2017. We conduct our operations at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The airport is one of the busiest in the entire region. It accepted almost 40 million passengers in 2016 alone. With the ever-increasing city population and large numbers of incoming tourists, the car rental industry has become very important.

If you ever travel to Manila and are in need of a car, you know where to look. Right Cars offer excellent car rental services. Do not hesitate to call us. Our staff members have experience, they are friendly, and always at your service.

For more information, check out this recent news article regarding our car rental services in the Philippines.

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