You will need an International Driving Permit to rent a car in Greece

A new law recently became active in Greece regarding car rental services. From now on, many people will need to acquire an international driving permit if they want to hire a car on the territory of the country. This came as a surprise to many and might have an impact on the industry because the government does not do much regarding news distribution.

What is an International Driving Permit?

Much like the typical driving license, the IDP is a document which allows its holder to drive around in a foreign country. In Greece, things are a bit different. You can still be a foreigner, but as long as your country of origin is inside the EU, you will not need an IDP.

The new law

If you are an EU citizen, do not worry about anything. The new law will not affect you in any way. Continue renting and driving at will. However, if you are an international tourist from outside the EU, prepare yourself in advance.

You will need two things. They are an international driving permit and a driver’s license from your own country. Without them, serious issues might arise. There will be heavy fines for clients and the car rental companies alike. The penalties might reach as far as confiscation of the vehicle itself.

The new changes were met with heavy resistance because they affect only companies from the rental industry. There could be major consequences for some companies. Getting an IDP could be too much of a burden for some tourists and they might prefer using different transport methods. Accidents are surely to happen, and they will further worsen the situation.

The changes will impact our services in Greece. We urge all clients to prepare appropriately. Do not let the new law ruin your vacation in hot and sunny Greece. Keep in touch with any potential changes and make sure to bring an IDP before arriving here. We will do everything we can to guarantee you will have an amazing trip.


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