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Push For Green With Right Cars ® ™

Right Cars ® ™ are committed to the protection of the environment and also understand that more and more of its clients have a similar commitment. When choosing vehicles to add, to the every growing fleet of Right Cars ® ™, considerable consideration and attention to the vehicles ECO friendly claims at a top priority within the company. Huge focus in our office automation ensures that our branches operate with the environment in thought, at all times.

Vehicle Supply

Right Cars ® ™, are committed to offering its customers the latest model vehicles, under six months old, which benefit from the latest innovations in environmentally friendly technology, across all different types of vehicle fuels, to help reduce carbon emissions (CO2 emissions, hybrid, flexifuel, LPG...).

Vehicle Maintenance

All of the Right Cars ® ™ rental offices are using environment-friendly products / wash facilities for cleaning of the cars. Where possible the use of environmentally friendly fluids such as washer fluids, antifreeze and oils are used.

Office Operations

All Right Cars ® ™ Offices do not print any material unless necessary, but all printed material is produced using recyclable paper. Printing fluids and Toner cartridges are recycled and any other material used at the offices of Right Cars ® ™ are environmentally friendly products where possible.