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Car Rental Athens Airport

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Car Rental Athens Airport

Car Rental Athens Airport

Car Rental Athens Airport When you have collected your rental car from Right Cars In Athens Airport its important that you remember a few points about the driving conditions

The Greek police is authorised to impose fines in cases of violation of traffic regulations but fines may not be collected on the spot by the police. Motorists must pay the fines within 10 days otherwise legal proceedings will be started.

Confiscation of vehicles takes place only in the case of very serious offences and only after a court of law has issued such a decision.

Vehicles can be towed away by the police. The driver must pay a fine for its release.

The police may impose a test on any suspected person in order to establish if he is under the influence of alcohol. Drivers suspected of being under the influence of alcohol are compelled to accept this test and their refusal may lead to penalties including imprisonment a fine and the withdrawal of their driving licence.Legal limit: 0.05% (equivalent to 0.25 mg per litre of breath)A lower limit of 0.02% (0.10 mg per litre of breath) applies to novice drivers who have held a driving licence for less than two years to motorcyclists and to drivers of commercial or business vehicles.

If the amount of alcohol in the blood is 0.05% or over this constitutes a criminal offence and penalties are imposed. Car Rental Athens Airport book direct with Right Cars