A huge delay with UK’s plan to build electric vehicle charging stations

Back in 2017, the treasury had a plan to introduce new electric vehicle charging stations all across Great Britain in an attempt to battle pollution. The promise was significant at first glance – between 200 and 400 million pounds. However, a recent announcement reveals a serious delay.

Reasons behind the electric vehicle plan

electric vehicles
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Electric cars are famous for one specific thing – they emit ultra low emissions. More and more people take the choice to purchase such vehicles. And, there are certain improvements. Using electric vehicles is a great way to fight climate change and reduce pollution while still carrying out transport and logistics duties.

While there are many positive effects, some problems are present as well.


Just like any other car, the eclectic ones also need a way to recharge. This is crucial for the industry. While there are thousands of gas stations around the country, very few places can actually recharge your electric vehicle. Another concern is the extra pressure on the electricity grid. Manufacturing emissions are also high and pose a problem of their own.

The government combined these problems and thought of a solution to all of them. A new plan was developed. The main goal was to improve the electric vehicle charging infrastructure. An additional ten percent were lent out for technological research. Another serious stimulus was freeing tax for those employees which recharge at work.

To learn more about electric vehicles, visit the Parliament’s website. You can always view a complete map of Great Britain with all-electric vehicle charging points on Zap-Map.

The delay

The plan for a new and improved electric car infrastructure has many enemies. Both gas station owners and politicians on all fronts criticize it for having little to no effect in the actual fight against emissions. Many believe, the government is wasting money and the funds could be better spent elsewhere.

And, the first major issue has arrived. In recent days, new revelations show there has barely been any progress on the plan at all. A mere six months after the first announcements, the government has yet to collect any funds and devise a full plan.

A fear of an inefficient strategy is why the government is taking its time on deciding the next move. After all, half of the funds will come from state taxes and the other half – from the industry. However, collecting such large sums of money will prove hard.

Electric vehicles are of utmost importance because their overall amount of emissions is much lower in comparison with other cars, and that is vital for the reduction of dirty air in the cities. However, people are refusing to buy them because there are not enough stations in the country. The luxury of charging wherever you please is not present.

Many customers are considering buying an electric vehicle, but the current issues are making actual purchases hard. The government will have to deal with this if it wants to make a difference in the fight against air pollution.


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