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Car Rental Paphos Town

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Car Rental Paphos

Car Rental Paphos

At the Paphos Town Right Cars Car Rental service we actually deliver the car to the clients accommodation we must be informed 24 hours before the delivery date of the address of where the client is staying. When we deliver the car the Right Cars representative will quickly have an inspection of the car with you and make sure everything is ok and you are both happy with it and then they will get the paper work completed and explained and then the car will be all yours !!

Car Hire Paphos Facts

Paphos is a coastal city in the south west of Cyprus and the capital of Paphos District. The currently inhabited city is New Paphos this city lies on the Mediterranean coast about 50km west of Limassol which has an A6 highway. The economy of Paphos depends on tourism and there are four resorts in the district such as Kato Paphos Coral Bay Latchi and Aphrodite Hills. The largest is Kato Paphos which employees over half of Paphos's population. Farming especially banana grape and cultivation also contribute to the economy of Paphos.

What to Do with your Car Rental Paphos

A few other tourist attractions in Paphos which would be fun for all the family would be to visit Paphos Castle which is located in the Harbour. Paphos Castle was originally built as a fort during the Byzantine Empire but has been destroyed and rebuilt many times over by the various conquerors of the island. As well as having a fun exciting day out it will also be very educational. If you like to see wonderful scenery you should visit Aphrodite's Rock which is just beside Paphos Airport. If you approach this beautiful rock from the Paphos direction the road goes inland past Paphos airport and then passes under the motorway and emerges on the other side onto a spectacular route along the glorious Mediterranean coastline. You are guaranteed to have a peaceful and relaxing day if you visit Aphrodite's Rock so we strongly advise you to visit it. Car Rental Paphos available from Right Cars