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Car Rental Trogir Aci Marina

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Trogir-ACI Marina

Car Rental Trogir Aci Marina

Car Rental Trogir Aci Marina

Procedure At Car Hire Trogir-ACI Marina

Our driver will meet you at the Marina with the rental vehicle they will be waiting for you at the Marina reception holding up a sign with our logo and your name on it. If you are having any problem locating our driver please call 385958592840.

What to Do with your Car Rental Trogir-ACI Marina

When you get your rental there is a chance to jump on various ferry's to major European cities but a more local place you could visit in your rental vehicle is Split which is only 25 km away to Trogir you could just jump on the ferry and be there in under half an hour. So there is many opportunities to visit lots of different towns and cities if you rent a car.