Caribbean Airlines introduces the new book a car option

A couple of days ago, Caribbean Airlines announced a new project. It is an online option which allows plane passengers to search and hire car rental companies. This will prove very useful because it provides a lot of information to incoming passengers.

Caribbean Airlines

Caribbean Airlines, book a car option
Image by BriYYX, Toronto, Canada.

Caribbean Airlines is a leading company in their respective region. They conduct a large number of flights and offer services to many customers. The company has a total of 17 airplanes which fly to 20 different destinations across the area. Some flights go all the way to Toronto, Canada.

It is without a doubt that Caribbean Airlines connect the local island nations with the rest of the world. Many international tourists choose to use this company for their trips. In recent years, the airlines have experienced a growth in the number of passengers. The reason for this is simple – there are more tourists arriving for their vacations.

Thanks to the popular demand, the staff of Caribbean Airlines came up with some fun ideas to improve the experience of their customers and cooperate with car rental companies in the region.

The new “book a car” online option is located on Caribbean Airlines’ website. It is very simple to use as all you need to do is go through the list and choose a company. It works great because, with all the accessible information, you could make the right choice. Another benefit would be the option to plan your trip which makes everything easier if you haven’t left yet.

There is no need to go through multiple websites in search of car rental services. The book a car option will show only companies from your travel destination and will help you compare prices, addresses, and working hours.

However, booking a car from Caribbean Airlines’ website is not the only new feature. Recently, they introduced a web chat option as well. More fun features are underway this year. For more information, you could always visit their website.

How can this help our customers?

Right Cars have many branch offices across the Caribbean Sea. Therefore, many of our clients are also using the services of Caribbean Airlines. The new online system will surely be useful to our potential customers because they will easily recognize our logo and view our available schedules.

Our branch locations in the Caribbean Sea are as follows:

  • Dominica (Canefield and Douglas Charles Airport);
  • Haiti (Port Au Prince Airport);
  • Jamaica (Kingston Town Office, Montego Bay, Norman Manley and Sangster Airports);
  • ST Maarten (Princess Juliana and Lesperance Airports, Marigot Cruise port, and Phillipsburg port).

We hope Caribbean Arlines’ new book a car option will be of great help to you and everyone else who wishes to visit the beautiful, tropical islands.

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