Car Rental Marrakech Downtown

**Right Cars Car Rental Marrakech Downtown**

Office Location: Rue ibn Aicha number 75

Branch Contact: +212524435757

[Car Rental Terms & Conditions in brief](

Car Rental Marrakech by [Right Cars]( for the best car rental experience in Morocco. Right cars are at their best when providing car rental in Marrakech Downtown. Many of our customers return time and time again as they are confident of an excellent service and an almost new vehicle.

[Morocco]( has a poor road safety record. In 2013 nearly 4000 people were killed and over 100000 injured as a result of traffic accidents, so please drive with care.
Drive carefully especially in poor weather conditions on secondary routes and on mountain roads. Driving at night can be particularly hazardous due to poor lighting. It’s common to encounter pedestrians crossing motorways! You should take extra care when overtaking particularly where there is no hard shoulder. Leave plenty of time to reach your destination and respect speed limits as the fines can be huge.

If you’re involved in a road accident you should complete a ‘Constat Amiable’ form to be signed by both parties. Blank forms are available from the insurance company booths and from tobacconists in all cities but you will also be provided with these by the car rental office just in case you need them.

Right Cars operate a large fleet of modern vehicles in [Morocco]( We ensure that the vehicle you receive is of a quality which you would otherwise expect form a multi national company. Our branch in Marrakech has gained a reputation for providing one of the best car rental services in Morocco so give us a try.

Car Rental In Marrakech. Book directly with Right Cars and get a fantastic deals. Enjoy your stay in Marrakech, our staff are waiting to greet you. We will make you you enjoy your journey.