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Casablanca Airport, otherwise known as Mohammed V Airport is the busiest gateway to Europe. It has some flights to North America and other African countries.

### The beautiful City

Casablanca itself is the largest city in Morocco and is both the economic and business center of the country. The political center and capital is Rabat. The city is near the Atlantic coast with the quarter nearest it called the Corniche. East of the Corniche area is the King Hassan II mosque which is very beautiful and includes water features and a roof that opens to the sky.

Unlike most of the mosques, this one is open to non-Moslems. There are regular tours between Saturday and Thursday which are well worth the time. In addition, there is an Old Medina to the north, Mahkama du Pacha, and the Shrine of Sidi Abderrahman which is built on a rock off shore and accessible only at low tide. The shrine itself is open only to Muslims.

### Right Cars in Casablanca

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