Car Rental Franchise

An exciting car rental franchise opportunity

The Family Orientated Car Rental Franchise Opportunity

Established in 2012, Right Cars is now recognised as one of the leading family orientated car rental brands. Below you can learn about the benefits of owning and operating a car rental franchise with Right Cars.

The business model of Right Cars is very traditional. Driven by the desire to offer the 5 star service customers expect and, pays close attention to detail in every aspect of the company’s operational functions. Our motto “Right Cars! Right Locations! Right Service! Right Price!” says it all. We offer the clients the product they want, where they want it, at a good price and most of all, delivered in a reliable, efficient and friendly way. After all, if you are asking them to spend their hard earned cash, it should be on something they want it. They will enjoy the car rental experience obtained through you! Wouldn’t this be your choice?

Many businesses in the service industry, which includes car hire, have forgotten the importance of customer care, believing that cheap prices are all that are required. It is true, that if faced with a choice that is only dependent on price then that will attract business. This is why we have the upper hand. We not only have great prices, but our customers like to come back time and again because the whole experience is just Right!. If you agree with our strategy then you have come to the Right place.

Have you Got What It Takes To Operate A Car Rental Franchise

Car Rental FranchiseAlthough we are established in 22 countries, we are looking for individuals wanting to start up in the car hire trade who like and understand our mission. You, and members of your company, should be hands-on team players ready to adhere to the scrutiny of our high expectations. Attention to detail whilst believing whole-heartedly in our pledge to deliver a service par excellence. Computer, numeracy and literacy skills are essential as is a full, clean driving licence, held for at least one year. If you have these requirements, then a Right Cars Franchise Licence could be for you.

Car Rental Franchise What It Gives You

The Car Rental Franchise Licence with Right Cars will provide you with, first and foremost, the brand name of Right Cars under which to work, with all the positivity that brings. In addition, you will be provided with extensive training in all aspects of the car hire industry. Also a solid operational foundations of Right Cars, its policies and long term business strategy. You will also get access to the advanced IT systems used by Right Cars, dealing with the dynamic receipt of reservations from entities within the leisure, business and corporate market place. Measuring availability and pricing through advanced fleet management functionality and finally producing customer rental agreements. Amongst its other functions is a comprehensive reporting facility of fleet utilization and profitability, allowing you to be in complete control of your business. Our IT system, will ensure that your pricing structure is adjusted continually in line with market trends in order to maximize your revenue and profitability. A full colour, comprehensive training manual covering all of these things will give you information at hand once you are back in your office but help is only a phone call away.

So, if you are interested in joining us and want to learn more about our car rental franchise and need more information please contact us directly.

Being Part of a Car hire franchise with Right Cars is like joining a family. Find our more about Car Rental Opportunities now

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