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Customer Satisfaction

In the car rental industry we are superior to the competition because we hire employees who work in an environment of belonging and purpose. Our team see our customers as invited guests to a party, and they are the hosts. It's the teams job to make the customers experience a little bit better than thier expectations.

Great Vehicles

When you book your car rental with Right Cars you are assured you will receive a quality, latest model vehicle, which is maintained to a high standard, and kind to the environment. All vehicles are valeted and serviced after every rental to ensure you have a clean reliable vehicle. We take pride in the presentation of the vehicles we provide you for your car rental.

Great Prices

You will always find our rental vehicles are competitively priced, without compromise to the level of customer service or vehicle quality we provide during your rental. From small vehicle to the top of the range luxury vehicles, 365 days a year you will always find a vehicle to suit your budget, allowing you to save money on your holiday or business trip

Great Car Rental Locations

Right Cars is one of the fastest growing car rental brands currently operating from more than 100 locations in 23 countries. On average Right Cars opens more then 5 new locations every month as we expend to meet the needs of returning customers.

Car Rental Loyalty Program

Right Cars Car Rental Loyalty Program

Right Cars Introduce for 2016 the No Nonsence Customer Loyalty Program

In appreciation of our loyal customers, Right Cars operate a no nonsence loyalty program. Once you have rented a vehicle from Right Cars for the first time you are provided with a free lotalty pack. Unlike many car rental loyalty programs, where you have to book thousands of rental days just to get a free one day rental, our lotalty card gives you instantly 10% discount on every single car rental booking you make. As long as you have booked on our website, every branch is participating, you will not find us saying "only at participating branches", when we say every branch we mean every branch.

As a Right Cars loyalty card holder you will also get access to exclusive deals saving you up to 70% on car rentals with Right Cars